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Declaration of support

We believe that people receiving social assistance have the right to freedom of movement. Whether it is to participate in a family reunion, to see old friends, to visit a family member in the hospital, or to allow one’s children to meet their grandparents  – there are many reasons for needing to leave Quebec.

However, since May 2015, someone who leaves Quebec for more than 7 consecutive or 15 cumulative days in a calendar month loses their residency in Quebec according to the welfare office and so loses their right to welfare.With this regulation, the government is attacking the capacity of the most vulnerable people in our society to maintain relationships with their family and friends that live outside of Quebec.  If people do leave and have their welfare benefits cut, they risk homelessness and destitution.

We demand that the government abolish this discriminatory regulation

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This campaign is the initiative of community groups, legal experts, and beneficiaries of social assistance who are deeply disturbed and outraged by the welfare cutbacks of April 2015.

This measure reinforces prejudices against those living in poverty and undermine the dignity of people who rely on social assistance. This discriminatory measure makes life difficult for those who have family and friends outside of Quebec. It hits especially hard the people who come from other parts of Canada or from other parts of the world.

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