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May 22nd 2019

Funeral Procession_May22

To illustrate to the politicians in charge the severity of this regulation’s impact, and in honour of those who were denied the possibility of grieving in the company of their loved ones, the demonstration will take the form of a funeral procession. It will not be a parody, but instead a sombre moment to pay tribute to the people this regulation cruelly punishes.

In the procession, there will be a 100 visuals, each depicting the story of a person that we have met. We are looking for participants who want to commit to holding up such a sign during the procession.

DATE : Wednesday, May 22nd 2019
TIME : 10:30
INFORMATION: Sheetal Pathak, Community Organizer, Project Genesis
514-738-2036 ext. 402

Review of the Activities

Red Telephone Campaign- April 8th 2019

Hundreds of phone calls and faxes were sent to the Minister’s office to remind him that the welfare recipients are still waiting for the suspension of the regulation concerning travel restriction outside Quebec. 

Action to ask for a meeting with the new minister about the withdrawal of the travel restrictions outside Quebec – December 13th 2018

Action2-Bureau du ministre_13Dec2018

Popular Assembly about travel restrictions
for people receiving welfare – October 23rd 2018  


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