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This campaign is the initiative of community groups, legal experts, and beneficiaries of social assistance who are deeply disturbed and outraged by the Couillard government’s welfare cutbacks of April 2015. Theese cutbacks to the welfare system reinforce prejudices against those living in poverty and undermine the dignity of people who rely on social assistance.

As witnesses to the dire consequences of these new restrictions on the lives of our volunteers and members, several Montreal community groups have banded together to demonstrate the injustice of one of these new restrictions: that travel outside of Quebec is limited to 7 consecutive days in a calendar month.

This discriminatory measure makes life difficult for those who have family and friends outside of Quebec.  It prevents people from seeing their loved ones, from maintaining strong bonds of support from family and community, and from breaking the cycle of poverty. This new cutback hits especially hard in Montreal neighbourhoods such as Point Saint Charles or Côte-des-Neiges where many people come from other parts of Canada or from other parts of the world.  People have become separated from their families and communities because of this narrow, discriminatory and extreme new residency criterion for people receiving social assistance.

This website is a tool to support and spread the word about different initiatives related to the contestation of this new measure.

In the other sections of this site you will find information on the new regulation regarding people travelling outside of Quebec (LEAVING QUEBEC), legal recourses against this measure (LEGAL CONTESTATION), and a host of other cutbacks in the welfare system (ALSO AT WELFARE).

To better understand the impact of this measure and to document its impact on real people, we are still looking for more stories from people on welfare who have been effected by this new regulation (YOUR STORY)

For any question, contact us at poorandcaptive@actiongardien.org

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